Start a Children’s Party Business: How to Start a Party Planning Business

The following is a post to from Patrick Mackaronis. Patrick is the Director of Business Development for New York City-based social network Brabble. In this post ,Patrick speaks about hows of starting a Children’s party business. Patrick can be best reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

For extroverted people who enjoy working with children, a party planning business is a popular small business option. These businesses can offer complete parties or can focus on the entertainment portion of the event.

Dress Up Party For Girls Business

Party planners can decide to create a niche business, such as girls’ princess, dress up, or garden tea themed parties. These all are popular trends for young girls and are fairly cheap to produce, which is an important point for an entrepreneur who doesn’t have a lot of funding.

Costumes and accessories can be found in thrift stores. Tiaras and additional costumes can be made by business owners with the necessary skills. Props, such as table linens and china tea sets, are also fairly inexpensive if they are purchased secondhand.

Craft projects are usually a big part of these events, so be prepared with several ideas, such as making jewelry and learning embroidery.

Storyteller or Puppeteer Business

A good storyteller or puppeteer can keep kids of all ages (and their parents) enthralled for hours. A great storyteller goes a step further and includes the audience in the story.

  • Look for stories with repetitive phrases. Kids can quickly pick up on a pattern of repeated words or sounds and will chime in when they know the storyteller will be using the repetetive phrase.
  • Use a story with many small parts or a group scene to allow the audience to participate. If the story being used doesn’t offer these roles, add them in. For example, a group of villagers yelling, “Stop!” or “Hoorah!” is pretty simple to add to most fairytales.
  • Think about the age of the audience when selecting the stories or plays to be used at each party. Young children need short, action filled tales, while older children can sit still for a half hour or 45 minutes without becoming too restless to pay attention.

Of course, kids will want more from the party than some wonderful entertainment. There are so many options for activities with this type of business, from having the guests all make their own simple puppets to creating crafts that tie in to the stories or plays that they just listened to.

Storytellers and puppeteers who are just starting out should also consider supplementing their income by talking to local libraries and schools about offering discounted shows as a part of the organizations’ special events.

Karaoke Party Business

For people who love to jam to the oldies, running a karaoke party business can be a lot of fun. People running this type of business need to be outgoing and should be great at getting shy guests to join the fun.

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