Internet Business Ideas for New Biz Start-up: Small Business and Home Based Opportunities and Useful Tips

The following is a post to from Patrick Mackaronis. Patrick is the Director of Business Development for New York City-based social network Brabble. In this post, Patrick speaks about internet business ideas for new business start-up. Patrick can be best reached on Twitter at @patty__mack.

The Internet is full of information and opportunities. A new business owner who has just started maybe overwhelmed with numerous things all at once that he may end up spending more monies unnecessarily. Some of them have already identified their business offerings and model/s to use, however, there are other lucrative Internet business ideas that can be considered. Here are some of them:

Internet Business Idea – Affiliate Marketing

This works by promoting other products and services on the website. They provide a commission once a sale is made. Aside from knowing the basics of Internet marketing, the most important skills in affiliate marketing are sales copywriting and pay per click marketing.

Blogging – Earns Money in Advertisements

A blog or web log is a website which is usually chronologically maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, review, events descriptions, and other media like graphics or video. It is usually written in a journal-style and short articles. To earn money in blogging, advertising like Google ads, or affiliate marketing are incorporated on the blog.

Consulting – for Online Focused Business

Consulting is usually done by providing a focused industry knowledge to other businesses. Skills needed are sales, customer service, and in some cases, trade-specific knowledge. Other clients may need some briefings on project management and business planning.

Selling and Reselling on eBay and other Online Markets

There are online marketplace like eBay, Amazon, and Craiglist, where selling and reselling auction happens. Money is earned through drop-selling services, selling used goods, or buying wholesale goods. Skills in merchandising and marketing will help.


E-Commerce – Doing Business Online

E-commerce is selling technology-based products or services through the business website.

Freelance Services – Internet Business Services

This online services include content writing, design, programming, copywriting and photography. Charge or billing depends on the contract offered, either on per project basis or on an hourly rate.

Internet Research Business – Offering Services to Focused Industry

Research business online is often conducted for businesses like legal firms, real estate, tightly focused small businesses and other entrepreneurs. In particular the business owner must have a knowledge of a librarian and a librarian-style research.

In the above Internet business ideas, having skills in web marketing, social networking, affiliate marketing, customer service, and SEO will greatly help, if not a must.

Other valuable internet small business tips handy for new business start-up.

  • Provide business with its own website. This is important as it carries the business identity online.
  • Learn the basics of marketing and selling, search engine optimization (SEO), social networks, and also a basic understanding of HTML.
  • Identify offerings and concentrate on them. This in turn will facilitate in identifying the business audience to be focused upon.
  • Be warned with online programs that sound like they are offering “get rich” schemes, and promising immediate results.

For new business owners who have found their chosen business niche, some of these can still be consolidated, armed with proper skills.

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