patrick mackaronis

Patrick G. Mackaronis is a serial entrepreneur, ready to take on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with his fresh new ideas.

Who Is Patrick Mackaronis?

Patrick G. Mackaronis goes against the grain. A die-hard entrepreneur through and through, Pat lives his life a step ahead of the curve. He started young, younger than most. Wooden-built homemade lemonade stands on the corner in suburban Jersey young. Red Ryder wagon full of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies strolling door-to-door to raise money for a bigger wagon and more cookies young. Paper route young. Patrick Mackaronis has always been a hustler.

No matter the project, Patrick Mackaronis dreams big. No stranger to adversity, he has never had a problem facing down larger and larger challenges. From starting a marketing company out of a small apartment while a full-time college student, to partnering in nightclubs and restaurants, Pat fears nothing and no challenge is too small.

For the past few years, Patrick Mackaronis has been hard at work on his biggest challenge yet: changing the social media game forever. While competitors like Facebook were swallowing up Instagram and pining over Snapchat, Pat had his nose to the grindstone developing an action plan for his own corner of the world. While Google Plus was failing to compete, Pat was developing investor strategies and pitching to venture capitalist funds. While Vine took its dying breath, Pat was breathing new life into a fresh market.

Now, the seeds of Patrick’s labor are about to be sown. His startup, Brabble, has millions of dollars in investments from dozens of equity firms, venture capitalists, and angel investors, and is closing in on the dawn of a public launch. A co-founder and investor on his own accord, Pat has been a core member of the Brabble team since its inception in early 2013. While team members have come and gone, Patrick has acted as the life force of the company, adapting to many roles, including Chief Marketing Officer, CEO, and Director of Business Development.

How Brabble Is Set To Shake Up Social Media Forever

Brabble allows users to message and comment back to posts (called “Brabble back”), utilizing 45-second video snippets, photos, audio and text. Users can also share information to Facebook and Twitter, record audio directly using mobile devices, and record video directly using front or back cell phone cameras. Also featured in Brabble are the My Feed and Explore pages, which display followed users, popular users, and new posts.

Users have the ability to drive revenue and monetize their followings by posting Star Tags, Brabble’s patent pending revenue model. Star Tags is currently patent pending in 5 countries, designed by Pat himself.

But what really sets Brabble apart from the larger social media titans is its revenue model. Unlike many social apps, Brabble embeds native revenue generating technology, increasing investor ROI. This revenue model centers around these Star Tags, which work like affiliate links. These tags allow development teams to post programmable links into Brabble updates that are shared to Facebook and Twitter. When links are clicked, it directs traffic to e-commerce pages. After a sale is made, Brabble collects a small percentage of revenue share affiliate income from the advertiser, which is distributed to investors.